Welcome to the Workshop

We’re launching a blog! That’s right, we’re finally taking the plunge. Over the last two years, we’ve been heads down in many design projects. What we’ve realized in that time is that our existing platforms and website don’t always allow us to share the depth of projects we’ve been lucky enough to work on.

Being a studio allows us to do more than just interior design. We’ve work on several digital projects, created prototypes of pieces we hope to one day bring to life, staged photo shoots, and more. The Workshop will serve as a place to show you even more of what we’ve been up to, while also sharing the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. We’ve also formed some opinions on design trends along the way, so we’ll be sharing those too.

Studio Envie is still in its infancy (and yet we’ve already come so far!) so The Workshop will be a window into our journey. We’re bursting with ideas and plans, so enjoy the ride with us.

Have an idea you’d like to see covered or a burning question you’ve been dying to ask, send us a note at press@studioenvie.com.

Now let’s do this thing!